Escape Winter Blues with these 5 Jamaican Adventures


Photo Credit: Visit Jamaica Website

Thinking of an escape from those winter blues? Then look no further.

Take your way to the sun-soaked tropical paradise of Jamaica. Imagine waking up to a sunny, bright sky, and some Vitamin D, while unwinding and relaxing amidst the beautiful white sandy beaches, with crystal blue waters lapping at the shore.

Jamaica, a small island in size but huge in hospitality, great culture, delicious authentic meals, and by far one of the most beautiful places in the entire world looks forward to welcoming all travellers.

Research has revealed that the cold winter months result in millions of cases of seasonal depression, also known as the winter blues. This is more prominent in cold northern countries since the cold temperatures keep people indoors. This has a psychological impact resulting in abnormal hormone levels which can trigger depression. There is only one thing to do to get out of those winter blues… book a trip to Jamaica with My Trails & Travel and let us take you on a journey, to the below great Jamaican adventures.

YS Falls

Photo Credit: Visit Jamaica Website

YS is a nature-based attraction based on the South Coast of the island boasting cascading waterfalls surrounded by lush vegetation.  This unmatched beauty has seven-tiered waterfalls, each of which cascades into natural pools. Some areas are great for swimming while others are rocky and shallow. For children and persons who may want to play it safe, there is a natural pool, fed by underground springs.

More recently YS Falls has added an exhilarating zipline ride that takes you over the magnificent natural waterfalls while listening to the rushing waters and indulging in the incredible views. Suspended in the air at approximately 40 ft above the waterfalls, you can feel the water droplets on your face as your glide by.

YS Falls is the perfect place to experience authentic Jamaica, locals and visitors alike take advantage of this Jamaican gem.

Dolphin Cove

Photo Credit: Dolphin Cove Jamaica

Another great adventure is the Dolphin Cove Park located in both Ocho Rios and Montego Bay. Dolphin Cove is a marine park that allows visitors to swim with dolphins and other marine life in their natural environment. Get up close and personal with amazing animals. Included are mini-boat rides, glass-bottom boats, kayaking, snorkelling with stingrays, and watching Shark shows.

For adventure lovers, this is one to tick off your bucket lists. Enjoy friendly marine life as you soak up the sun and bask in the glory of the Jamaican outdoors.

Mystic Mountain

Photo Credit: Mystic Mountain Jamaica

The Mystic Mountain Tour starts at the base of the mountain, you’ll get swept off your feet as you glide up Mystic Mountain on the Sky Explorer Chairlift up to 700 ft. above sea level. Taking in spectacular 360 panoramic views of the Caribbean Sea, lush vegetation, and greeneries, you are bound to be amazed. You can snap a picture of the town of Ocho Rios as you pass by. Hop off in front of the Mystic Pavilion and play the day away with rides, attractions, pool, dining and entertainment.

Venture off to the Bobsled Rides, one of the crown jewels of Mystic Mountain. It features a gravity-driven ride through 3280 feet of twists and turns on a specially designed sled eliciting the glory of the Jamaican Olympic Bobsled teams. The trail ventures through forests, majestic cliffs and limestone, over the shoreline, and ushers you through narrow chutes of dense rainforest.

An in-sled handbrake is equipped on the bobsled that allows you for a leisurely tour through the forest or a pulse-quickening dive to the bottom of the mountain.

Reach Falls

Photo Credit: Visit Jamaica Website

Located in Port Antonio, Jamaica is a magnificent waterfall hidden in the Montane Forrest on the John Crow Mountain Range. This was discovered by runaway slaves who sought refuge in the hills of the Mountain.

This attraction features an exotic waterfall downpouring into a pristine river pool. The Montane Forrest adds a sense of seclusion with its lush greenery and untamed forestry. Reach falls is great for families as it allows you to explore the cascading waterfall, a picnic area, and a guided tour upstream of the Drivers River.

If you are an adventurer you will get to swim inside the legendary underwater cave, known as the Rabbit Hole. This is a gap in the rocks (cut over time by the pressure of the water). When standing above you can see a dropdown through a hole that falls into a pool. It is great to swim or just relax in pure admiration.

Reach Falls is home to a few Hollywood Films including Tom Cruise’s Cocktail and the remake of Lord of the Flies.

Yaaman Adventure Park in Jamaica

Photo Credit: Yaaman Adventure Park

On the North Coast of Jamaica, nestled between the blue crystal waters of the Caribbean Sea and the greens of the mountains sits the lush, secluded plantation known as the Yaamon Adventures managed and operated by Dolphin Cove Limited since 2005.

Enjoy your historical plantation tour with a relaxing stop at the Greathouse. You get to journey through the lives of those who inhabited the plantation and shared in the revolutionary history of the estate. Walk through the ornamental garden and learn about the different plant species and herbs. Go back to the Georgian-style great house veranda to start your Jamaican cooking class. Indulge in preparing and partaking in local dishes such as jerk chicken, festival, steamed callaloo, rice and peas and top it off with a cold red stripe or a cool glass of fruit punch. You’ll be sure to go back for seconds.

After indulging in the delicious local cuisine, get back on your jitney and journey down to the secret river which is rumoured to take 10 years off your age. Enjoy the whistling of the birds and the rumbling and roaring of the river as it channels downstream. Take a quick dive and enjoy the mystifying secret river tour.

These adventure tours are bound to get you out of that holiday funk. Choose all if you are highly adrenaline-driven. Whatever you do I am sure your winter blues will be a thing of the past. Jamaica is awaiting you!!!!