Kingston Resorts

The Kingston resort area is of the parishes of Kingston and St. Andrew, St. Catherine and St. Thomas. Kingston is dubbed as the cultural hub and is also the capital of Jamaica. This is the heart of the island’s cultural community and a must-see for those interested in music and other art forms as well as gastronomy. This area boasts the likes of the Bob Marley Museum, Tuff Gong Studios, the Emancipation Park and many more cultural sights to see. A short trip into the nearby hills will have you sipping from the source, some of the world’s finest, the Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee.

Kingston is home to many business hotels, boutique properties plus bed and breakfasts’ – no all-inclusive resorts in sight. Just like any other bustling city, visitors can expect to enjoy a variety of culinary options from streetside to fine dining. In these dishes you will find many cultural influences stemming from the island’s heritage and motto “Out Of Many, One People.” Indian, African and Chinese to name a few. In general, heavy spice is a way of life but we can also do mild for beginners. Nevertheless, there is always a cool Red Stripe Beer or scoop of Devon House Ice Cream ready to cool you down.

Staying in Kingston is also easy and convenient with the Norman Manley International Airport providing connectivity to many gateways across the USA, Canada, UK and the Caribbean. So the next time you’re looking to explore our island’s city life – check out Kingston, there is so much in store.

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