The Untouched Elegance of Port Antonio


Port Antonio, Portland

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Photo Credit: Frenchman’s Cove Beach

Dare to discover one of the hidden gems of Jamaica in the resort area of Port Antonio. Much less commercialized compared to other resort areas such as Negril, Montego Bay and Ocho Rios – those who have been will not hesitate to describe it as a true untouched paradise.

Located on the most easternly side of the island, the town of Port Antonio is located in the parish of Portland which boasts lush vegetation, plush greenery, beautiful flora and fauna, stunning scenery and a tranquil relaxing environment. The high rainfall throughout the year gives the parish its lavish green appearance and limitless tranquillity. The secret of Portland is its quiet charm, dramatic coastline, famous lagoons, sparkling waterfalls and romantic caves. This parish extends from the island’s north-east coast to the highest reaches of the Blue Mountains. It has the reputation of being one of the most scenic and peaceful towns in Jamaica.


Portland was named after the Duke of Portland who was a Governor of Jamaica between 1722 and 1726. The Maroons who lurked in the Blue and John Crow Mountains were adamant that Europeans would not settle in Portland. They got all their firepower by raiding plantations or purchasing from mercenaries. The 1730s saw a series of battles between the Maroons and the British.  When it seemed that the Maroons were about to destroy Portland, the British captured Nanny Town, the Maroon settlement whose leader was the woman who would later become Jamaica’s first National Heroine – Nanny.

Portland is known for its vast contribution to the country’s agricultural output, especially in the cultivation of banana, coconut and breadfruit for both the domestic and foreign markets. Most of its coastal strip has been designated as land suitable for cultivation with almost no limitation. No other agricultural land has been attributed with this ability in Jamaica.


Since Hollywood movie star Errol Flynn became a resident of Portland, the parish became one of the most popular spots in Jamaica among celebrities and tourists. Many celebrities from all over the world have vacationed in Port Antonio, making it their hideaway and playground. It offers seclusion, exclusivity and an escape from the hustle and bustle of the busier resort areas.

Trident Hotel

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Once owned by Errol Flynn himself, Trident Hotel has some of the best luxury villas in Jamaica. This boutique style property offers 11 oceanfront villas across more than 10 acres, each with its own private terrace and pools, original artwork and modernist designs. Get pampered in their newly renovated spa. Enjoy a delectable meal from the two restaurants and trek on over to the Explorers Lounge where you can enjoy a quick novel before retreating to bed. Be sure to rise with the sun and enjoy the beautiful sunrise while sipping on your cup of our famous Blue Mountain coffee.

Goblin Hill Villas

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Enjoy this quintessential hideaway in the hills of Port Antonio. Well-manicured lawns and breath-taking view of the town’s panorama are a key feature at the Goblin Hill Property. Sitting on twelve acres of lawns and gardens, the property overlooks sparkling Jamaican white sand beaches and turquoise Caribbean water. Each villa has one or two air-conditioned bedrooms, overlooking the azure blue waters of San San Bay. The villas open into wide expanses of manicured lawns. All are self-contained, with fully equipped kitchens, living and dining rooms, and a wide covered terrace or balcony with its own view over the Bay.

Geejam Hotel

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Nestled in the hills of Portland, Geejam is surrounded by the rainforest and greenery. Situated on six acres of lush San San Estate, the property features an elegant three-bedroom villa with a private swimming pool, a studio suite, three deluxe cabins, a private beach, spa, gym and state-of-the-art recording studio. Getaway from the busy life and escape to this tranquil escape.

Local Attractions

Blue Lagoon

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Enjoy river rafting on the Famous Blue Lagoon Tours or take a boat over to the Island. With glistening blue waters surrounded by lush greenery – Blue Lagoon is a vision of beauty.

Frenchman’s Cove Beach

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Where the crystal-clear waters of the Blue Mountains meet the Caribbean Sea, Frenchman’s Cove has been said to be one of the world’s most beautiful beaches. Protected by the natural cove surrounded by cliffs clad with lush vegetation, the sea is calm and inviting. Complimented by a vast plush white sand beach and various rope swings, this is a great beach getaway for families, friends or couples.

Reach Falls

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Reach Falls is a luxurious eco attraction hidden in the Montane Forrest on the John Crow Mountain Range.  Reach Falls features a natural heart-shaped jacuzzi that massages the body with every stroke from the water rushing through the rocks down to the river. You may be lucky to see a few fishes swimming by.

Rafting down the Rio Grande

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Enjoy bamboo rafting on the Rio Grande River leaving you relaxed, edified and invigorated all at once. Your guide will be sure to educate you on the history of the surrounding environs and Jamaica at large. Rafting starts in the hillside community of Berrydale and continues for about 4 kilometres ending at Rafter’s Rest. Don’t forget to stop on your way down to the ocean for a refreshing swim and a tantalizing meal prepared on a wood fire.

Somerset Falls

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Rushing down the hillsides, Daniel’s River makes a beautiful painting of the landscape.  Miniature waterfalls along the narrow gorge add to this awesome scenery, with the mist and the steady rush of water blotting out the outside world.
Portland has proven time and time again to be a gem that not many know about. It is a must-see and definite reconnection destination. Book a trip for your entire family and enjoy the LOVE Portland has to offer. Speak to your My Trails & Travel Destination Specialist today!